14 October 2011

Friday: Link Love

Friday! After a really busy week full of teaching, I'm ready for relaxation and lots of knitting (ahem, on some sweater sleeves...), plus catching up on all the boring chores like doing dishes and laundry and scrubbing the shower. Ah, the joys of housekeeping. On a more exciting note, I'm also starting to get ready for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays.  Here are a few inspiring decorations and projects to get you in the mood for a spooky, creepy weekend of holiday prep.

*** Skull embroidery patterns from Polka and Bloom

*** Pick your favorite font and carve initials into your pumpkins, a la Martha Stewart (via Pinterest)

*** Or you can make a zombie pumpkin... the pattern is available from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

*** Um, pumpkin pie milkshakes from Emma and Elsie. Make me one immediately.

*** And take a few minutes to enjoy Miss Indie's Autumn Spice playlist!

Now it's time to mail off an Etsy order, pick up quarters for laundry, and sit through an afternoon of meetings before officially starting the weekend. What are your Friday plans?


kathy b said...

Allison where do you FIND this stuff. The skull stitching is amazing.
I just put the pumpkins on the porch today. Tonight was are having the first fireplace fire of the new fall season. Im making an apple pie soon ...
and I am knititng .

Allison said...

Sounds like a great fall day for you! Have fun with pies and knitting :)
And I find all these cool things by checking out way too many blogs. I love always being inspired!

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