29 September 2011

From the bottom of the basket

A scarf! A lacy baktus, even! I found it buried deep in the knitting project basket and decided it was time to finish knitting it up.

It was going along swimmingly!  I took a bunch of pictures, including awesome close-ups of pretty rows of eyelets.

 And then... I totally ran out of yarn, probably 50 rows from the end. That's a problem.

Because the project is so old and because I bought the yarn at a Hobby Lobby in Indiana, it is unlikely I will be able to get more to finish this project as is.

Options: rip back and re-knit or frog entirely and make something else.  Oops. What would you do?


kathy b said...


IT is soooo beautiful. Can you make it a bandanna like neck wrap? IS it big enough for that? I HATE to rip back....

Allison said...

Yeah, because it's an angled scarf with a point, I'd have to rip back more than halfway to save the right amount of yarn... that does not sound fun. I think I'd rather just rip out the whole thing and start over on a different project!

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