17 September 2011

10 Things, vol. 26

10 Things is my weekly list of things that are making me smile right now. Please share your own grin-inducing items and events in the comments!

1. Knitting more baby booties. Hurrah for friends who are having little ones!
2. Impromptu beers on the roof on a Tuesday night
3. This serious power lunch: smoked salmon on scrambled egg on avocado on toasted English muffin. Really? Food this easy gets to be this delicious?

4. Planning next week's class on Jacob and Joseph in Genesis
5. A slow and restful Friday morning capped off with a great yoga class
6. Baking the first loaf of bread in my new place
7. Yurts. Seriously, they're just so cool.
8. Writing a card to put in the mail for my sister so she can have some snail mail
9. Three excellent runs this week; my pace is improving
10. Naps

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