12 August 2011

Friday: Link Love

Ooh, Friday is here!  One of my favorite girls is visiting from out of town this weekend, so we have all kinds of exciting weekend plans, including a night at Comedy Sportz and seeing my friends' band perform some blues at our local bar.  Add to that sitting in the park and catching up on all the latest news, and you've got a pretty perfect weekend.

This week's links are all about knitting, from neat-o patterns that I want to make to some completed projects that are simply jaw-dropping.

*** The Beekeeper's Quilt from Tiny Owl Knits! After seeing all the different versions cropping up around Ravelry, I just had to buy the pattern (here, of course) this morning. I have all this leftover sock yarn crowding up the yarn closet and preventing new yarn purchases, after all...

image from the tiny owl knits blog - cute cat!

*** I know I've linked to Sabs' blog before, but you guys need to go see her many many sock projects.  You don't need to know German to gather that she buys a skein of yarn and basically makes it into a pair of socks two days later. Lauren recently said that I finish socks obscenely quickly?  Clearly she has not visited Sabs' Ravelry page.

image source; see the pattern here

*** I'm a bit of a sucker for patterns that can be knit up over and over again in different weights of yarn, and Lee over at Do Stuff! is probably the queen of designing them.  Her latest, the Terrapin hat, is beautiful.  I especially like it in the bulky weight. What about you?

images from here; buy the pattern here

*** Another hat, this time from The Sitting Tree shop on Etsy, where you can buy the pattern. I don't have anything to say about it, but you should look at it and you'll understand.

image source

*** And alright, not knitting, but the color combination going on in this granny square project is just perfect for fall.  One Sheepish Girl aka Meredith also takes lovely close-ups of her work - kudos! Anyone else want to drink a pumpkin spice latte now?

image source; pretty thorough granny square instructions here

Won't you share your new favorite links or something about your weekend plans in the comments?  


Julie said...

cute roundup!! I love those socks, they look like they were knitted in yarn made from sprinkles.

Anonymous said...

i love all of these!!! thank you so much for sharing!! by the way just wanted to say.. so glad i found your blog!! i enjoy it a lot!!!!!

kathy b said...

love friday link love

Allison said...

Thanks, everyone! This post was esp. fun to put together :)

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