16 August 2011

All the better to see you with, my dear!

These little stuffed critters were made by my mom years ago as part of a fairy tales playset. Little Red always looks a little bit mischievous, but she's nothing compared to that crafty wolf! If you flip him around, he's wearing a granny costume: a spotted pink nightgown and cap, of course. Now they're living (happily?) together on my art wall.

Do you have any special childhood toys around the house? How do you incorporate them into your decor?


Rachel J said...

Aw, that's super cute! I destroyed all my kids-toys when I was a kid, there's none left ;) .

kathy b said...

that' s the cutest thing ever. I dont have any of the toys left... my mom wasn't crafty. I have new knitted cats from Grace though! I will put them in my daughters room I think when the kitten fosters move out

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