14 June 2011

Summer must-haves

This week marks the start of my summer schedule for working, relaxing, and knitting up a storm.  The pace of life around campus really changes when most of the students clear out.  My own days get slower and a lot more enjoyable, both more productive and with lots more time for exercise and other fun.  I get to add a second yoga class every week, take full advantage of the campus library's high-powered air conditioning to continue working on wool socks in the crazy humidity, cart piles of novels to and from the public library/park/reading corner, and enjoy all my summer favorites.  Below are a few of my must-haves for the start of the season.

1. Cool salads

My absolute favorite is chopped cucumber and cherry or grape tomatoes with a can of garbanzo beans, all topped with a bit of Italian dressing. It's so good paired with chicken or shrimp kebabs.  Any great salads you like to enjoy on picnics?

2. Excellent shaving cream 
Because I want to wear shorts and skirts all the time!

I just started using the Evolution of Smooth brand about a month ago, and I'm a big fan. The raspberry pomegranate version smells delicious.

3. Sunny tunes

4. Candlelit evenings

My living room windowsills are lined with candles, from tea lights to pillars to glass jars of tasty smelling Yankee Candle knock-offs. I love it when I get to spend the last few hours of a long summer day sitting on the couch reading or knitting in candlelight while it finally starts to cool down outside.  One of my dear friends was at my house on Sunday night and remarked that the candles and fairy lights and paper lanterns made everything "very romantic."  I laughed at her, but now I'll smile every time I enjoy a quiet evening in my romantic living room :)

5. Sparklers in the park

This is one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken, at an end-of-summer picnic complete with celebratory fireworks. I like celebrations and sparkly things, so fireworks are pretty much perfect.

6. Running shoes
image source

These are my new shoes. They're not quite broken in yet, but a few more early morning walks or jogs by the lake will do the trick. And yes, they're hot pink. Glorious!

What are your ingredients for a wonderful summer? I hope you'll share a few thoughts in the comments!


lauren said...

ZOMG I so neeeeeeed those running shoes!! I'm a huge fan of nikes since they come in wide widths that fit my feet great.

Allison said...

The Foot Locker up on 47th has them, and the guy also convinced me to buy these great insoles that make them really comfortable. Plus... PINK!

kathy b said...


baseball on the radio, whether i m listening to it or not
hotdogs on the grill, a bit burnt
iced passion tea
light knitting, meaning lightweight
open windows
screened porch days
windows rolled down, no a/c

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