02 June 2011

Knitting with Handspun

This is the yarn I made with my wool-nylon-sparkle blended batts from Miss Bell UK.  They are all sport to worsted weight singles that have lovely color progressions (this green to purple to pink is my favorite!).

I improvised a simple pattern for a loose cowl.  There's a 3 stitch garter stitch border on each side with 30 stitches of plain stockinette in the middle.  Every 8 rows I added a little four lace row repeat in the stockinette portion for more texture (knitterly code coming right up): *k2tog, yo* to end on the right side, purl on the wrong side, *yo, k2tog* to end on the right side, purl on the wrong side.

I love how random stretches of color will pop up, like the yellow above in the middle of that sea of purple.  Mixed batts are full of surprises!

Then I made a garter stitch scarf, knit lengthwise in 200 stitch rows.  This batt spun up into even longer stretches of color, from blue to red to green to yellow, which means the finished scarf is like a mini rainbow.  I'll be adding these both to the shop after I get a few more photos this weekend!

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Anonymous said...

It's beautiful. The colour progression is so, so nice.

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