10 June 2011

Friday: Link Love

This week's finds are all just a little bit magic.  Because all sorts of good things are in the air lately, and everyone can use a little magic heading into the weekend!

*** Emily (Inside A Black Apple) has completed a series of Alice in Wonderland inspired portraits that are simply wonderful.  This scene of Alice and the piglet is probably my favorite:

image source

*** Alisa Burke took lovely macro photos of a blood orange. Now I am hungry.

image source

*** Miss Indie has a whole post full of photos of dreamy tree houses. I could stand to live in one of these for the summer, couldn't you?

image source

*** Meredith of One Sheepish Girl (awesome blog - stop by and read around!) took some awesome photos in Vancouver and Victoria, BC with her Diana. I love the light and the gritty effect, especially this one:

image source

Has anything magical popped up on your radar this week? I hope you'll share your own loved links in the comments!


kathy b said...

Allison I so look forward to your friday link love!
here' s one I found this week:

Allison said...

Thanks, Kathy! The rings in that shop are so gorgeous :)

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