03 June 2011

Friday: Link Love

I got my bangs and the back of my neck trimmed on Tuesday this week, and I've had hair inspiration on the brain!  Also, thank goodness my salon offers free trims in between haircuts, because the awful duck-tail thing growing on the back of my neck was making me insane.  Even though the weather here has made its inevitable switch into that muggy summer phase, when the idea of having long hair is a pretty wretched prospect, I'm really tempted to grow my hair out again into a shaggy bob...

*** Heather of Just Lovely Things made a spectacular custom bridal hairpiece (and check out how productive this lady is, making a whole collection of custom pieces all speedy quick). I want to have enough hair to pull off something like this.

image source

*** Kyla Roma documented her "growing out a pixie cut" progress with a neat series of photos.  Seeing all the stages lined up makes me feel like maybe I could handle that in-between hair.  

*** Lolly's been updating her Pinterest board Lovely Lady Locks with some beautiful photos.  By the way, do any of you remember the character Lady Lovely Locks? I remember my sisters and I had a doll, and she came with mini plastic animals that clipped into her hair; their tails were different pastel hair extensions. I kind of loved that toy.

That last one is about what my hair would look like in the humidity if I could be patient enough to grow it out. Pretty, yes?

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