09 May 2011


That's a pretty perfect word for Spring, right? Now that the weather in Chicago has finally made its turn for the better and my quarter (and the school year!) is on its downward slope, I'm definitely feeling the need for a bit of renewal.

This fiber (4oz of Falkland in the Limone Crickets colorway by Cosymakes) is also perfect for Spring, so I don't have too many regrets about sticking it in the closet back in mid-January and not pulling it out again until Sunday. It worked a little bit of magic during my weekend.

Getting back into spinning on the same day that I also happened to make my first loaf of bread in a couple months, when I also just sat down on the couch and watched a movie while knitting an entire baby hat (more on that one tomorrow), was such a refreshing experience.  It was quite a renewal of my creative energies!

As satisfying as it was, I wish that spark of creative renewal could translate into a renewal of academic energy and then the ability to be cheerful around other people! I had been working so hard on studying for my exam, a process that really did fill up most of the hours of my day every weekday, that now, a few days out, I sort of don't know what to do with myself and all that time, and this bout of seeming directionless-ness is making me grumpy. I kind of just want to hang out with people, but instead I feel like I should be doing some giant amount of work... on... I don't know what.
Any of you have this experience when a major project comes to an end? There are always other assignments and research projects waiting in the wings, but it's a bit like my forward momentum has been totally cut off, and I'm not sure how to get started again on the next big thing. Maybe I should just accept that I've been feeling disgruntled the last few days and not worry about it too much. Any thoughts?

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