19 May 2011

Oh yarn! Plus an FO!

One of the great yarn stores in Chicago (My Sister's Knits) is closing at the end of this week, so the U of C knitters took a little trek down there on Tuesday morning to take advantage of a 50% off sale and wish Carol all the best. I might have succumbed to every bit of temptation I came across, and here's some of what I have to show for it.

Those are four different colorways of fabulous Ella Rae lace merino, which I'll be using to make socks all summer long. I love seeing them all lined up like that. Also, can you tell I like pink and purple and blue? That green skein looks a bit out of place...

In other knitting news, on Monday night I finished a baby sweater for a little one who will be arriving in just a few short weeks. This is the Helena Baby Sweater (Rav link), a free Knitty pattern, in two shades of fairly soft acrylic from Michaels. It was a really fast knit with a simple but pretty lace pattern, and I am a huge fan of the picot hem.  I made the smallest size on larger-than-called for needles, but the pattern makes allowances for a pretty big range of sizes, so you could make one for a newborn or a toddler.  Hooray for all these adaptable baby patterns I've discovered lately!

Also hooray for knitter-pal Anne's genius idea to use Kermit as a model for baby knits.

You can see that I was a little overexcited after binding off and weaving in all the ends! Hopefully the parents-to-be and the baby will be as pleased as our little green friend when they get the sweater :)

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