18 February 2011

Friday: Link Love


That is the sound of this week just zooming on by! Fortunately, my knitting projects are also zipping along, with the first colorblock sock nearly finished and a test knit for a friend's excellent purse pattern in the works. I'll have a sneak peek of that this weekend... For now, please enjoy a bevy of links on this sunny (at least in Chicago, where all the giant snowbanks have melted and we can see grass!) Friday.

***The section of Tracey Clark's blog devoted to the I Am Enough project always always always has moving posts.  This one is a good read because it's about having and developing confidence in something that is an extension of oneself, in this case a piece of creative writing.  The message the author has to share is certainly a powerful one for anyone who writes, but the lesson also applies to students and artists who put their work out there for other people to see and respond to.  To my friends who are currently in that particular limbo that exists between the submission of grad school applications and the receipt of schools' decisions: I hope you'll take a moment to read Christine's words and recall the many ways in which you and your hard work are enough :)

***I check in on Academichic pretty regularly for a dose of classroom appropriate style, because, let's face it, I don't actually see many awesome looks like these on campus.  Sorry, UofC, you are just not that stylish.  This outfit pretty much embodies the increased cheerfulness I'm feeling with the slightly warmer weather, and now I really want a skirt that isn't black or gray (yes, all my skirts are black or gray, or black and gray, or black and white).

image from Academichic blog

***If the weather hasn't taken care of your case of the blues, just go read this post on Amaze Today.  I especially like that most of these tasks, any one of which could turn your whole day around, can be done wherever you happen to be.  Hanging out in the stacks? Walking across campus? Just "Smile (a lot!)" and cheer everyone up!

My links are cracking me up this week with their clear school-related theme! I guess sitting in the library for hours on end every day has a way of rubbing off on the rest of life.  On the docket for this weekend?  Some decidedly unscholastic tasks, from Mahjong, to experimenting with two new eyeshadows, to doing more weightlifting at the gym, to (if the weather holds) taking a long morning walk down by the lake. I hope you have some exciting plans, too :)


kathy b said...

Do you know I love your links? Happy walk by the Lake. How early? Will I still be at work????? I work until 730 am on sunday and monday mornings.....seems the sun is coming up well before the shift report now@

Knitting on the docket for tonight. Sock knitting I think

Allison said...

Ooh enjoy your sock knitting! I'll start walking at about 6:30, so we'll be heading home at the same time :) Have a great weekend!!!

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