13 January 2011

ReStyle: Desktop

Project ReStyle, week 2

I'm going to do my best to join in the Project ReStyle challenge of doing one project a week.  For now, I'm keeping the changes small.  Using a collection of empty jars (from left to right: frosting, pickles, and pasta sauce) and some scrapbooking paper, I made myself a matching set of cute pen and pencil jars! 

I also picked up these nested containers on super sale at Borders, and they're holding my paperclips, thumbtacks, and mechanical pencil lead.

The result? My desk is more organized, coordinated, and pretty!

This is also part one of my home decorating makeover, 28 before 28 goal #8. What does your desk look like?


NotABlogger said...

Those containers are cute! We have a set that's dedicated to kiddy snacks. I love the idea of using them to organize the desk, though.

Andrea said...

My desk doesn't even look half as cute as yours.

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