20 January 2011

Keeping warm

We've hit the point in winter (even though this winter has been a really mild one by Chicago standards) when I'm about ready to pack it in and head for warmer climes.  I'd like to see something green outside, please!  Instead I've received e-mails from my building manager warning of extreme conditions headed our way tonight. And what does a knitter do when faced with gray skies and the threat of a deep freeze? Why, I made some spring-colored headbands with giant crocheted flowers!

I also finally got my giant puffy coat out of the closet and put on my mittens before heading outside to go to work on campus.  Gus has proposed a different, but equally effective, solution:

This sleepy kitty warns all Midwesterners to batten down the hatches for what promises to be a ferociously cold night, but he is not worried. In fact, he is downright relaxed.  All our radiators are turned up and all the windows are closed; extra blankets are piled on the bed, and cozy handknit socks are waiting to warm my toes when we get up tomorrow morning. There is hot chocolate mix in the cupboard in case the socks are not quite good enough, and there are dvds for viewing while lounging on the couch. I usually sit on the seat portion, though Gus seems to like that throw.

What are your favorite remedies for the winter blues and to combat the cold?


Molly said...

mmm. sounds delightful! I like to listen to bossa nova in the dead of winter and imagine I'm on the beach. Never fails!

Anonymous said...

Those headbands are adorable. Just. Plain. Adorable.

I drink a LOT of fruity tea when it gets cold. And if the weather gets really nasty, hot chocolate. Mmm, hot chocolate.

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