22 January 2011

In my bag

I thought today I would share a peek inside my bag - my lovely (very fake) Prada bag from SF Chinatown that my brother got me for Christmas. He has excellent taste! It's navy blue, big enough to hold all my essentials plus the books I need for class and a scarf or hat that I'm not wearing at the moment. And if I want to bring along my camera and a knitting project, it can handle that, too. I love this bag.

Check out what's inside.

Roughly from left to right: trusty cell phone, inspiration notebook with a million pens and pencils, vintage rosary, sunglasses, two kinds of lip gloss (coconut and honey-orange, yum to both), two kinds of gum (that tropical one is way more delicious than the other), my wallet, some Lush hand lotion, a small pouch of girl essentials, and a cute little pouch that holds my gift cards.

 Doesn't he have the cutest rosy cheeks? This was also a present from my brother. Joe, you seriously win for gift-giver of the year. Tied with everyone else :) Clearly I am easy to please.

This is the first page of my small notebook, and as you can see I use it to jot down little thoughts - what I want to pick up at the grocery store, what I want to knit next, where and when I have plans to meet friends, you know!

Today my bag is going to carry a workout dvd over to N's house, a knitting project for movie watching, and any small purchases I make at Hyde Park's new thrift store. I'm pretty excited for my Saturday adventures. What's in your bag?


LEO said...

whaaaaa we have a new thrift store?!

Allison said...

Yeah! It's run by one of the churches, and it's on 51st over by the HPAC. I'll let you know how it is.

craftivore said...

Pretty darn organized. Mine is filled with scrap bits of paper and receipts! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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