24 January 2011

Etsy Monday: Shop update :)

I finally managed to catch a bit of sun and capture photos of new items for the shop! Nicole and I had fun with our mini photo-shoot yesterday, taking a few pictures in front of my new poster (it's currently attached to the wall with push pins and binder clips, waiting until I get the right frame).  We also recruited some of Heidi Kenney's adorable plushes to help set the right mood.

Bloom Headband Earwarmers

this was my favorite photo of the day!

Spring Stripe Mitts

and a particularly goofy one!

Nicole also did a massive (and I mean seriously HUGE) set of updates in her shop FantastiCrafts!  Her owl stitch markers have been super popular lately - they're selling out as fast as she can stock them. I'm not surprised, because they are truly adorable.

I'm working on more armwarmers right now, since spring is my favorite season for wearing them. I hope by knitting them I can magically convince the weather to start changing and being just a tiny bit warmer...

I have lots of fun updates from this weekend to share with you (thrifted finds and a Project ReStyle makeover), plus a nearly finished sweater waiting to be modeled.  I hope you had a good weekend, too!


Neuroknitter said...

Your photoshoot makes me smile!! Looks like you had a blast! Love the spring stripe mitts...I think my autumn tiara is slipping as I anxiously count the days until Spring!

Kathy said...

Great great images. What fun fingerless you make my dear!!!

I have to go over and get some owl stitchmarkers....OMG too cute. WHo who who makes them? Im soon to see when I hit the link..


Kathy said...

I just bought my stitchmarker owls. THANKS. I should have told the seller I found her through your blog. I'll go back and try.

Allison said...

Kathy, you should! Nicole is my best friend, and I know she would love to find out I'm sending her business :) I have a set of the owls myself, and I just smile every time I use them.

Nicole said...

Thanks for your purchase, Kathy! They shipped out this morning :)

Also, thanks for posting my stitch markers!

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