18 January 2011

Etsy Monday: pretty things from my favorites

Thanks for your thoughtful comments on that last post.  I am always so happy to experience the kindness of this crafting community! I finally received my phone call from the doctors, and I am very very happy to know that my biopsy results came back benign.  Woohoo! I have a follow-up appointment scheduled, and I may still have a small surgery, but a huge weight has been lifted. The sweater (currently on hold because I ran out of my brown yarn and need to schedule a trip to Michaels to get some more) is decidedly a celebratory sweater :)
Since I missed my regular Etsy Monday yesterday, here it is, featuring a few pretties from among my current favorite items.

4. Smiley White Tooth stud earrings by Baby Loves Pink

Today it's back to the schoolwork grindstone for me, plus my first visit to the gym in a week.  I'm looking forward to getting some things accomplished. What's in store for you today?


Anonymous said...

so glad to hear it! hooray!

Terby said...

Oh thank goodness. I am behind on my blog reading and was going to send you best wishes, but celebrating good news is so much better!

Allison said...

Thanks, ladies! Yes, the good news just made my week/month/year :)

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