11 January 2011

[28 before 28] Numbers 22-28

Here is the final installment of my 28 before 28 goals! Coming up, I will actually get to share some progress I've been making on a few of these, particularly in the home makeover category :)

22. Wear a dress at least once a month. Because I own a bunch of cute ones, so why not?

23. Care for houseplants so that they don't die within 2 months. I'm thinking a little collection like this would be great for my grayish-green thumb.

from the Dainty Squid

24. Get my sewing machine from CA to Chicago.

25. Embroider my plain white canvas apron and wear it for a dinner party.  I love the pretty bird Geninne designed over here

26. Go on an excellent date.

27. Publish a knitting pattern with a magazine or Knit Picks IDP.

28. Keep a journal.

So that's the list! I'm really excited about all the items on it, and I hope that excitement will help me achieve all 28 of these mini goals.


Kawartha Beads said...

Best of luck with your mini goals! I think it's great to have them all written down and help to keep you focused. Each goal seems like a wonderful reward for yourself as well:)

Sarah said...

i'm a talented plant killer, but i've been able to keep jade and bamboo alive for quite a while. good luck!

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