28 November 2010

Sunday's food for thought

I happened upon these Tips for Self-Confidence this morning over at Kaelah's blog.

Most important for me right now is probably #16:
Feel good about doing your best.

After a rough week including a (very amicable, but still incredibly sad) break up with my boyfriend of nearly three years, I definitely needed to read these words.  I hope they help you, too!
Next up, I have a neat Etsy Monday post and some spinning progress to share - happy knitting this weekend :)


LEO said...

Ohhhhhhh I'm sorry about the breakup. Peter clicked through to your fb profile the other day and was like, "why does it say she's single?" so we had been wondering. (I swear we weren't stalking you - it was right after he became your friend.) Anyway I hope you're doing okay. We'll be back in town soon, so let's plan some knitting.

Molly said...


Julie said...

big electronic hugs being sent your way!!

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