03 November 2010

Fall spinning

Just a little spinning progress update today -

I have one small skein so far from my great pink and purple fiber from They Told Me Sew. I spun these singles pretty thin, so it takes a while to get a spindle full.

There is still at least half of the original 3.8 oz left, so I'll be working on this one for a while!

This is my latest fiber purchase, from GLBLF on Etsy.

Um, pretty much I spun the whole 4 oz. into singles yesterday, did about half the plying last night, I've got one skein hung up to dry this morning, and I'm plying the other.

(I've found that winding singles on the ball winder makes for easier plying than going straight from a niddy-noddy or a round ball.)

Yeah. Addicted.

1 comment:

addicted_to_Yarn said...

That looks great Allison,
Its really neat how you can make that fiber into yarn and its very pretty... Did you have any luck with the wool fiber I sent you from the local farm?

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