08 October 2010

Friday: Link Love

This week seemed to just zoom by, and it's already time for another set of Friday links! I hope you have a good time looking through these ones :)

***Vervain Savon's Etsy shop. I did a trade with the lovely seller for some soaps that I am just loving to death. Every morning I'm really excited to get in the shower and use my pumpkin souffle soap, because then I smell like fall all day! I also have lavender citrus waiting for its turn, which should be perfect for a winter pick-me-up. I can't recommend these soaps enough.

***Paperleaf. I have an addiction to desktop calendars, and these folks have nice ones. There are also a ton of other cool items, mostly geared for people in graphic design, but the one below is perfect for any crafter or artist!

***Fiber Cooperative blog. I know I linked to the store portion of this, but this week I just discovered that there is an associated blog, and the entries are like little shots of color inspiration. 

***A bit more Martha, this time very simple "specimen jars" that are the perfect mix of inconspicuous and really creepy.

source linked above

***And finally, giveaways you might like - 
Cute winter brooches at Traveling Rhinos.
Orange blossom earrings over at CraftyDream.
Incredibly sweet owl scarf at Merry May Handmade.

Have a wonderful weekend!

1 comment:

Julie said...

an excellent collection of links!! I'm going to check them out...

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