06 October 2010

Fall treats

Thank you for your kind words in the comments! Life is back to normal, including a busy schedule on campus, though I've had the chance to surround myself with a few fall treats in the last two days.

I've been working at light speed on this pair of armwarmers for my giveaway winner. They will probably be done tonight and ready for shipping tomorrow! Every time I work this pattern, I rediscover my love for the simple lines and the sweet touch the cables bring to a very straightforward accessory. All the pairs in my shop recently sold out - will armwarmers be really fashionable this year? I hope so! I guess I will have to get yarn to make some more pairs, or come up with a new design. Any suggestions?

Every morning I've been enjoying my coffee with one of two flavored-creamer options: white chocolate mocha or southern butter pecan. Both are delicious and perfect for crisp fall mornings.

Yesterday afternoon, while walking home from campus, I picked a few small flowers for myself. These little guys only bloomed in the last two weeks along the edge of the sidewalk, after all the brighter, more fragile blossoms of tall plants started to wither. Now they're on my windowsill adding a touch of fall to the room.

I've already mentioned rotating in a different set of blankets for fall, and here's the result. In spring and summer, I have a green and white duvet cover on the bed, which counteracts the bright pink curtains and makes the room quite cheerful. Now, it's back to plum, brown, and pink, creating a much more fall- and winter-ready space. Gus agrees.

I think Wednesdays will include some time devoted to spinning this quarter, so I should have photos of my progress to show you tomorrow. Until then, happy knitting!

1 comment:

Julie said...

those flowers are sooo pretty! and that armwarmer looks so perfect for this time of year. And Gus, such a charmer.

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