18 October 2010

Etsy Monday: FantastiCrafts!

Happy Monday! My Etsy finds this week are near and dear to my heart, because they come from the creative lady who is my best friend. Most of you readers have seen FantastiCrafts creations before, but Nicole did a huge update last night, and I like some of the new items so much that I think you need to see them.

First, my new favorite - this Birdhouse and Crystal Charm necklace

That little birdie on there reminds me of cuckoo clocks, the rustic look of the birdhouse brings to mind those craft birdhouses many of us painted and decorated when we were kids, and the crystals are all different shades of pink. It's such a small charm, but sure to invite many looks and questions. It also seems like it would be a great necklace for a little girl, something she might be really excited to show her school friends.

Next up, Let It Snow wine charms. With snow men!

I realize I made a huge seasonal jump between that last item and this one, and that we're very much mid-Fall (oh my gosh, I am not in the least suggesting that winter needs to begin in Chicago any time soon. Brrr.), but I am starting to get excited about holiday shopping, and these are just perfect.
Admittedly, I also feel a personal attachment to the little snowguys. Last weekend, when our friend Melissa was also in town, Nicole, Melissa, and I made a trip down to Indiana, and I had my first Hobby Lobby experience. Oh my gosh, that store is amazing! These snowmen, and many other Christmas-y charms came from that fun shopping trip, and it's exciting to see how she turned them into such a neat wine charm set.

Coming back to fall again, and the upcoming Thanksgiving feast (I just got my November Martha Stewart Living - it made me hungry!), check out this great Dinner Time Charm necklace.

Nicole has her own version of this, and people are always commenting on it (including me, every time I see it!). It's such a unique piece of jewelry, one of those things that can really make you smile and give you an extra boost of confidence if you wear it.

I hope, as always, that you'll take a minute to check out the other new listings in the FantastiCrafts shop!


Melody said...

Fun finds! I love that birdhouse one especially.

Nicole said...

Thanks! I didn't even realize you did this, so thoughtful!

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