14 October 2010

A bit of overload

Life is in fast forward and I'm working in slow motion! Do you ever have days like that? What's your best suggestion for how to get through it? 

I've been feeling a tad overwhelmed with everything going on lately, between school and work and all the rest of life.  This week I just can't wait to make it through today so that I can have a restful and productive Friday on my own schedule (a chance to go to the gym for the first time this week, and to get back to work on a paper I've been neglecting, and I might even get to do some spinning!).

The way I dealt with my higher-than-usual stress level yesterday was to pull out my Primavera socks in the middle of class and start knitting away. I never, ever knit during class, because I'm afraid the professor will be offended or the other students will find me distracting. I can concentrate while I knit, but I don't want to disturb others. But I couldn't stand it anymore! 

The professor looked right at me, smiled a little, and just kept lecturing. Clearly he has a kind heart.


Andrea said...

I generally don't knit in class either, I'm always afraid the professor might say something. I did hear a story last night about a student who just came out and asked the professor if she could knit in class and he said as long as she made him a hat at the end of the semester!

Allison said...

That sounds like a pretty fair trade to me!

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