12 September 2010

Sweet Sunday (and FO:Coronation Polwarth)

It's your last chance to enter my giveaway for armwarmers below! I'll be choosing the winner after midnight tonight, and then I can order yarn and get to knitting :)
This was a fabulous Sunday, which started out with delicious brunch at Milk & Honey Cafe on Division. I had the orange brioche french toast, which was phenomenal and gave me the energy I needed for a stroll down Division for the Renegade craft fair. N., E., and I had a blast checking out all the booths, running into friends, and meeting other friendly bloggers (Hi, Elsie!). I found a great Christmas present for my mom, and got a lot of inspiration from all the crafters. I didn't take any photos as we wandered, but I did collect a ton of cool business cards, for shops like

Spincycle Yarns

Rhino Fluff

and Cleo Dee

Now that I've arrived home again, I am excited to show you my latest handspun!
I started with this fiber, 4 oz. Polwarth in Coronation from GLBLF on Etsy.

I split the whole length of the roving in half and spun each half separately, working in the same direction to preserve the longer color sections when I plied. After plying, I ended up with this!

I really need to figure out a solution for calculating the yardage. I have two fairly hefty yarn donuts that should be more than enough for a lacy scarf or pair of mittens.

Fun, fun, fun, and I can't wait for my next batch of roving to arrive so I can make more in different colors :)
I hope your weekend is also full of excitement!

Also, check out another great giveaway (sweet purse, notebooks, and pencils) on I go by Katie's blog.


addicted_to_Yarn said...

That is super interesting to see how that turned into yarn... You have such talent Allison

Julie said...

that handspun is gorgeous!!

cb said...

that yarn looks great!!! love it and those colors are awesome too! they would make a beautiful scarf!


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