10 September 2010

Friday: Link Love

Happy Friday! I am very excited about going to Renegade in Chicago this Sunday and having the chance to meet some new bloggy friends! Please say hi if you are there and you recognize me - I'll look something like this (maybe slightly less like I have my mouth full of Dippin' Dots):

And now for some links I've been loving this week.

Anna Allen on Etsy - the shop isn't too full at the moment, but I just love the simple lines and soft colors of her dresses.
photo from the shop

Smitten Kitchen - just throwing further fuel on the bonfire that is my desire for a Kitchen-Aid mixer.

Kawaii Not - when you need a small dose of ridiculousness of the variety that includes food and other inanimate objects with faces.

Lune blog - I could look at the photos all day!

Don't forget about the giveaway below :)

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