27 July 2010

WIP update

With a number of projects nearing completion or over 50% completed, I thought I should show off what's currently on the needles before it's off.  Not all of these shots are totally current, but they show off the yarn and at least a bit of what the items look like!

A third (and final, for now) February Lady Sweater, this one for the glorious N who has been waiting for it very patiently. This version will have small buttons down the whole front, and it's in Paton's Classic Wool in plain black so it will be versatile and appropriate for the workplace.

A lacy shawlette using the 198 yards of heaven pattern and yarn from my summer vacation/yarn crawl adventure. I'm knitting with a fingering weight yarn on US 6s, which means the fabric is incredibly drapey and the lace motifs don't really stand out yet. I'm confident this will clear up with some firm blocking.

And this one is closest to being all finished. I just have about 3 million ends to weave in because of all those great stripes! It's a top-down raglan cardigan for my sister the 2nd grade teacher, who picked out the yarn herself and patiently tried it on while it was in progress. This was largely knit in Maine, PEI, and in the Boston airport, but I had to finish one of its massive sleeves when I got back to Chicago. Now it's just end-weaving and the thing can be on its merry way to California and the classroom.

What's on your needles?

1 comment:

Julie said...

You have some seriously awesome WIPs on the go!! they will be gorgeous FOs soon, no doubt!

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