19 July 2010

Etsy Monday: Yarn Candy, Sweet Fiber!

Hooray, Etsy Monday is back! Today I'm sending you to a shop and a blog, both featuring the wonderful work of Melissa. Please go check out Yarn Candy, Sweet Fiber.

Let's start right in with some of that yarn candy:

I was just stunned by this photo, and I knew immediately that I'd have to share it with you. What you're looking at is actually a sneak peek of Merino Twist Worsted, a weight that Melissa will start carrying full time starting this fall. The colorway is Charcoal, and like all of the yarns at Yarn Candy, it's hand dyed. This particular skein honestly looks like metal yarn to me with that great shine and color saturation around the edges. It also looks absolutely squooshy, and I would love to be able to reach through the screen to squish it!

And you know I'm a sucker for sock yarns like the Super Sweet Sock (Merino-Nylon blend), shown here in Shipwreck.

Tonal shifts, perfect blue greens to counteract the hot summer sun, and a generous put up (415 yards). Le sigh. Clearly my comments are limited this time because this yarn just strikes me speechless.

Oh, but it gets better! Silk-cashmere laceweight.
This is Olivine, hand dyed in another spot-on green.

That crispness and shine would give gorgeous definition for something like the Flowerbasket or Swallowtail, don't you think?

One final photo? Cashmerino Sock in Fountain.

Because I am obsessed with the Grey Collection, but still can't resist a good blue, and you should know that there are lots of brights available, as well. I really love the depth of color and the mysterious quality of this particular shade (is that some purple I see? blue? black? all of the above?). It is like water, a nearly still ocean in the middle of the night.

The shop has pretty fantastic mini stitch markers, too, made by a knitter who knows just what you're looking for. The enamel beads are small, each one is a different color, and the rings are closed so they won't snag your yarn. Bingo!  I also had a great time getting acquainted with the Yarn Candy, Sweet Fiber blog. There's some beautiful nature photography, and lots of Melissa's own knitting.

Please take a minute (or an hour!) to have a look around for yourself. Then come back and let's chat in the comments about your favorites :)

*Many thanks to Melissa for permission to use her photos. All photos are from the Etsy shop.*


Julie said...

wow, all that yarn looks AMAZING!! I'll check it out....

Melissa said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to blog about my yarns and all of your kind words Allison. Happy knitting :)

Terby said...

Oooh! Those are so pretty... Bookmarked for later reference!

LEO said...

oh my god I NEED that first yarn. That is the most glorious gray ever.

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