09 May 2010

FO: My Fair Lady Sweater

Here is my completed February Lady Sweater! As you can see, I am very happy to be wearing it :)

Here are the details.
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in Plum Heather, 4 skeins (approx. 900 yards)
Needles: US7 circular (body) and dpns (sleeves)

Mods: Since the pattern is so easy to customize, I don't necessarily consider these modifications so much as design choices.  I decided not to add buttons to the yoke section, since I prefer the open and swingy look.  I also made slightly-less-than-elbow-length sleeves, because I'd like to wear this cardigan a lot this summer. Both changes were simple to incorporate, and should I eventually choose to add some sort of button closure, I think that will be a straightforward change.

Verdict: LOVE! I will definitely be making another one soon, since N has requested her own.
It was so fun to knit, and it never got so heavy that I couldn't cart it along to the library in the bag with all my books and notebooks. The lace pattern was easy to memorize, and it was easy to figure out what row to work even if I put the thing down for a day or two. One of the best features, in my opinion, is the minimal finishing required. The garter stitch looks crisp without blocking, too, so all I had to do was weave in ends and put the thing on.
Here's one last picture of my goofy dancing/new sweater joy!

Happy Sunday and happy knitting!


hannah said...

Oh, it's perfect on you, and SO GORGEOUS! Also, perfect for this weather.

Allison said...

Thanks! I really should not have worried about the fit :)

LEO said...

I am going to be so disappointed if I don't see this in lecture this week. ;)

Julie said...

So pretty!! I love the colour, it looks gorgeous on you.

Kathy said...

Oh is it beautiful. You did a fantastic job. Love the color and the pattern. Wahoo for you! Nice nice work

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