31 May 2010

Etsy Monday: Summer Sale!

Happy Memorial Day to US readers! I know quite a few current soldiers, and I appreciate today's reminder to take a moment and reflect with gratitude on those men and women who have given their lives for our country.
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It's also Etsy Monday, and I have a sale to share. My partner in crime is hosting a fantastic sale of summer-themed items over at Fantasticrafts!

At least in Chicago, summer seems to be upon us. We are having snowdrifts of pollen from some overzealous plant (anybody know what's going on?), but the sun and the humidity seem to be out to stay, and last night was our first big thunderstorm of the season. Get out your tank tops, skirts, and shorts, bare a little more skin, and slap on some summer jewels.
Summer can be a great time for adventure, whether that means exploring your own city or traveling to some new and exotic locale. I think exciting travel calls for exciting accessories. This safari necklace is my favorite:

Perhaps your summer is more focused on picnics at the beach and BBQs with friends? I know I'm having a potluck with some pals this afternoon. Try out these utensil-bearing bangles. You won't forget to buy the watermelon next time you go to the grocery store!

Yum! Go check out the sale from now to June 30th, and get ready to celebrate the arrival of this season in whatever way you like best :)
*As always, thanks to Nicole for permission to use the photos*

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Nicole said...

Thanks for promoting me, Allison! Happy memorial day!

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