06 April 2010

Etsy Monday: Melodie Perfumes and Theme Fragrance!

Hello, and happy Tuesday! I had such a great time this weekend, with Knitterboi (haha still gets me) visiting from out of town, egg dyeing, and seeing friends at Mass every night, that I completely missed my Etsy Monday post. But late is better than never, so without further ado -

This week I'm featuring a lovely pair of shops full of items to help you smell sweet. Check out Melodie Perfumes and Theme Fragrance!

The scents at Melodie Perfumes are billed as "modern vintage," which seems just exactly right :) I would love to have several of these classy little roll-on perfume bottles lined up on my dresser to choose from in the morning! The citrus-scented Sprite appeals to me most as perfectly fresh and subtle for everyday wear. And how can you resist that little vintage lady peeking out of her rose?

This brilliant blue tub of body cream also looks enticing, with its Linen and Lace floral scent and vintage label design. Doesn't just looking at it make you feel pretty and Victorian?

Over at Theme Fragrance, check out the creative new incarnation of the "Keep calm and carry on" poster. A sweet daily reminder to be even-keeled. The scent is lavender, of course, for maximum de-stressing power.

The most brilliant thing about Theme Fragrance has to be the sampler. You choose the four scents you'd like to try, and you get a mini spray of each! As one of those people who has 15 "favorites" in any given category (food, yarn, movies, books, you name it!), I find the built-in variety so appealing and helpful.

If you're in the market for a new signature scent, or even just for some gorgeous eye candy to add to your toilette, you can't miss at these two great shops. Go visit Melodie Perfumes and Theme Fragrance!

*All photos used with permission*

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