22 March 2010

Grand reunion weekend

No Etsy feature this week, because I was too distracted this weekend to put anything together.

N and I had the pleasure of spending the entire weekend with our other bestie, S, who came to Chicago for a three-night, four-day sleepover, complete with board-games, delicious food, and MadLibs. It was an extravaganza of all the best Hyde Park has to offer (including touch screen nudie photo hunt at our local bar. We kicked butt and put our team name all over that top-scores board!). On Friday we got to enjoy the outdoors, before it suddenly started to snow on Saturday. Here is the evidence of us basking in some springtime.

We also had cake decorated with sea creatures for N's birthday celebration. It was delicious.

At some point in the midst of the wine-drinking and movie watching, we also decided to try out our best America's Next Top Model poses. Mine was not a success, so I'll show you theirs.

I think the TV's "warning" tells you to watch out for their hotness. Or something :)
All in all, it was a wonderful time, and I am going to be laughing over the hilarity for the next few days.
Happy knitting!

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