08 March 2010

Etsy Monday: Cheryland!

Happy Monday, knitter friends!
This week I'm featuring an incredibly sweet shop called Cheryland, where you can find handmade keychains, wristlet purses, pencil cases (I love love love a good pencil case), and even Christmas stockings, all made with a great eye for color.

Here are a few of my favorites:

This foxy keychain really caught my eye with his little button nose and that great contrast green background. He comes on other backgrounds, too, like yellow, red, and darker green, and he's the perfect size for a kid's backpack. Or mine :)

The wristlets have a wonderful variety of woodland creatures, from owls to deer (the deer, oh my goodness!), but this little aqua sparrow with his pink, button flowers would be great for your bus card and id on a night out.

And speaking of those pencil cases, this pair of bears is fierce enough to guard all your favorite pens from nosey classmates. The pouch is also the perfect size for knitting notions or a special set of dpns!

So head on over to Cheryland for your Monday dose of cuteness. With reasonable prices, a special keychain bonus with purchases this week, and a sweet, whimsical sense of style, this shop is an A+ in my book!

*All photos from the shop used with permission*


Kathy said...

Im going right over thanks for the etsy tip

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

These are all so cute! Love the little bird :)

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