14 October 2009

My Summer Vacation, by Allison

This summer, when I wasn't working on papers or translating Greek, I went on vacation. In July, I got to travel to Colorado, where I saw some mountains, Buffalo Bill's grave, the Garden of the Gods (nature is truly amazing!), and lots of trees. It was so nice to get out of Chicago and go to the great outdoors! Even just driving around was wonderful.
In Boulder, we did a bit of shopping and a bit of goofing off. I learned that I can do a pretty realistic and frightening Elk impersonation.

In August, I went to D.C. I visited the Catholic University campus, the National Zoo, and some of the monuments.
It was blazing hot, and I was almost tempted to throw myself into the water. But it was full of slime (you cannot see the slime in this picture).
Unfortunately, I had to leave Knitterboi (haha I called him that again!) there and return to Chicago alone, but I anticipate many visits over the next few years, so I'll need to find out about all the D.C. yarn shops.
Thank you for reading my short essay. I'm so glad I can finally post these pictures, just in time for the really cold weather to hit Chicago!

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