31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

aka FO: Costume!

I hosted a really fun Halloween party last night, and I was so glad that all of my guests showed up in very creative costumes and were willing to make fools of themselves for a goofy party game (has anyone played the board game Quelf? It's like Cranium times 10).

Here's a photo of part of our group - Banana, Medusa, and Ghost.

I made my costume for under $12 this year, and it should be reusable if I can find a way to store the braids without squashing them. Sorry about the blurry photo, but I think you can see the construction of the whole thing best from this angle.

The snakes are i-cord knitted from sock yarn leftovers, with red eyes drawn on in Sharpie, and all of the hair is synthetic.
I was able to pick up 5 extensions in a shade that is a pretty good match for my actual hair color at the local beauty supply store (and by local, I mean 2 blocks from my apartment). With the help of a crocheted base something like a tiny kippah and about 50 bobby pins, I was able to stack the entire mess on top of my head and start turning people to stone.
Now I am eating mini candy bars for breakfast and getting ready for a perfect fall day of homework and meeting friends for dinner. Hope you all enjoy Halloween!

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Trevor said...

Cute snake yarn!

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