23 September 2009

What do you need?

For your Wednesday enjoyment, a game brought to you by the powers at Google.

Allison needs a loving home.
The cat has been mistreating me lately, it's true; throwing up on my bed in the middle of the night and stealing my warm seat on the couch when I get up to refill my water glass are types of behavior not conducive to creating a loving environment. Gus, take notice.

Allison needs more good farmers to raise corn, wheat, rye, oats, barley, peanuts, cattle, hogs and sheep, all of which do well here.
The farmers I currently have are just lousy. And I would definitely like more corn.

Allison needs chocolate.
No arguments here.

Allison Needs to Wear Sunscreen.
The woman at the liquor store 1) never cards me and 2) thinks my 25 year old friend is my daughter, so I should probably listen to this advice.

Allison Needs A Bran Muffin
Prunes just aren't cutting it anymore.

Allison Needs Surgery
Wow, this one seems a little harsh. I promise I'll try the sunscreen and the bran muffins, and hopefully that will be enough.

Allison Needs Phone Numbers
I already have two, but maybe a couple more would make life better?

Allison needs a Nickname.
I have one friend who calls me Allie, sometimes. I could use another nickname. Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments.

Allison needs some glowsticks.
Halloweeen is coming, and that holiday is no fun without glow in the dark jewelry. This Mr. Google person knows me pretty well.

Allison Needs Attention.
Who doesn't, really?

Well, this was fun :) You all should try it and tell me your favorite result in the comments.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

How do you find out what you need? You never splained the rules!!

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