15 July 2009

Secret-ish knitting progress

Sorry I don't have anything to show you guys! The Project Spectrum RED socks, which will remain semi-secret until the pattern is ready, are coming right along - I have one repeat and the toe left on the second sock, and then after a couple hours of pattern editing I should be ready for the next step (haha socks... step...oy).
In place of progress pictures, I thought I'd share links to some blogs I've really been enjoying lately. Click and enjoy!

Knitspot - You probably already know Anne Hanson and her gorgeous lace patterns, but in case you don't, hurry over here and check out her latest lacy scarves. The summer garden photos are also just mouthwatering!

Geninne's Art Blog - This artist makes the greatest prints from her handcarved stamps. Botanical, bird, and fish themes dominate, and her watercolors are fascinatingly detailed. Just scrolling through an entry is a visual treat.

Knitting Iris - The wonderful outdoor photos over here, whether they're of farm critters or pine forests, make me want to tell everyone I know "Go take a hike" (in a good way, of course).

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