06 July 2009

Holiday Weekend!

This weekend was so wonderful and relaxing!

I got to go shopping in the rental car on Friday, and I picked up a few staples like cat food and cat litter at much discounted prices. Unfortunately, our excursion to Taco Bell was nipped in the bud when we showed up in the parking lot and found this:


Things got better from there, though. Saturday night, N. brought us a party in a bag, including tasty drinks and lots of dinky fireworks to light in the park.

Sunday was, thankfully, restful. I slept in until noon, which I NEVER do, but I really enjoyed it. I spent most of the day reading, studying, and doing a bit of knitting.
The boy and I are working on a set of placemats for a wedding gift due at the end of July. Here is his work...

and his opinion of seed stitch...

Hope your knitting only brings you happy faces today!

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