17 April 2009

Oh yes, Easter happened

Saturday was the egg decorating party. We used vinegar with the dye pellets, so we got some really nice saturated colors. I am never going the wimpy pastel route again!

Our two kits came with a ton of glitter, a plain white crayon, decorative foil, a ton of colors, and fancy egg-seats.

This was our mascot, dressed up in everything except the glue-on beads. Isn't he lovely?

Sunday we had Easter brunch. No ham this year, but we ate lamb instead. And we ate a whole bunch of candy, of course. Here is the chocolate bunny, watching as we did a puzzle made of all edge pieces, giggled at Stephen King's IT (appropriate Easter movie? Sure!), and got ready to eat his bunny ears.

I knit a few of these bunny nuggets, one for each breakfast guest. I modified the pattern to make garter stitch ears instead of stockinette, because I like the wide, flat look better.

Happy Easter season (hey, we've still got a few more weeks in the church calendar, so it's still Easter)!

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