24 February 2009

Knitterboi part I

I'd like you to meet a new knitter.

Yes, this is his first project.

He learned knit, purl, garter, stockinette, and then said, "I would like to make mittens. Show me that dpn business."
On an expedition to the yarn store, he chose sub-worsted weight yarn in a medium-dark color, to be knitted on tiny needles (US3s for a first-timer).

It took a few months, but here is the finished product. A pair of nearly identical mittens, complete with thumb gussets, thumbs, paired decreases, and (non-plussed) kitty.

Congrats, Knitterboi (I know this name was a joke, but now you are stuck with it)!


Team Knit ! said...

That's utterly fantastic!! More men should knit. Those mitts look awesome!

- Julie

Carrie Penny said...

the mits look awesome. I didn't really try to knit anything until I did a pair of fingerless w/ cables... I still have them somwhere in the house...

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