06 October 2008

Fitness Monday

Alright, so this summer I really let myself go in the exercise department. Combine that with ordering in food instead of cooking for at least 2 nights a week, and I'm back up to a weight I don't like. I haven't been here for 2 years. I don't like the sound of it, and I like even less the feeling that my clothes are too tight and I don't enjoy what I see in the mirror.
Time to fix this!
My plan for this week is to get back into the gym in a more serious way (I've gone a couple days a week for the last 3 weeks, but I'd like to solidify my schedule) and be far more careful about what I'm eating.
I thought I'd write about my workouts here as a little note at the end of every day's post, and on Mondays I'll do my weigh-in at the gym and post that number here, along with my total lbs. lost.

10/6, Week One: 160 lbs
Total lost: 0

Day 1 - running and biking in the gym are fun for everyone, especially when it's dark and cold outside.

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