04 October 2008

Etsy: update for a cause

I'm in the middle of a huge update to my Etsy shop (Perknitious), mostly beanies at this point, though I hope to add some cowls and scarves later this month.

Since it's Breast Cancer Awareness month, I've decided to donate $1 from the sale of every beanie to the Alta Bates Comprehensive Cancer Center (see website here: http://www.altabates.com/clinical/cccintro.html). I chose the CCC because it's a treatment center that deals with patients who are fighting many forms of cancer, and it's where my mom received excellent treatment and support during her successful fight with colon cancer during the past two years. While breast cancer research and prevention is a cause I strongly support, breast cancer is only one form of this awful disease that affects too many people.

I hope you'll take a look in my shop, or consider donating on your own to any of the wonderful groups and centers that are dedicated to finding a cure for cancer.

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