30 April 2008

A Mighty Life List

See who started it, here.

In no particular order:
1. See the Northern Lights
2. Knit a sweater every year
3. Run 1000 miles
4. Write and publish a book
5. Play the harp
6. Learn to walk a tightrope
7. Own a house on the water
8. Get a PhD
9. Grow a garden
10. Teach a kid how to swim
11. Bike around Lake Tahoe
12. Make marshmallows from scratch
13. Wear red shoes in the summer
14. Sew my own skirts
15. See lava in person
16. Take a walk every day
17. Perfect a guacamole recipe
18. Bake my own bread
19. Coffee and pastries in Paris
20. Decorate with original art
21. See glaciers
22. Host a garden party each spring
23. Go to Antarctica
24. Volunteer to clean animals with dish soap and toothbrushes after an oil spill
25. Travel Italy

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