19 March 2008

Welcome to finals week (aka Ugliest Hat on Earth)

When we were little, my siblings and I used to watch a lot of Gumby movies. My uncle would send individual volumes of the Gumby Collection for Christmas, and each one contained 4 or 5 episodes. My personal favorite was about Gumby and Pokey traveling to the Moon, where they found a young piano prodigy with a nasal, drawling voice. Halfway through the episode, the boy suddenly gets vampire fangs and glowing red eyes. It was the creepiest clay I'd ever seen. We also all enjoyed the episode in which Gumby and Pokey crawl inside the oven and meet some bloodthirsty baked goods. When Gumby's mom unrolls a jelly roll to find Gumby with x-ed out eyes inside, it's a tense moment, let me tell you.

When they're not battling space pianists or oven-dwellers, Gumby and Pokey usually run into trouble with the Blockheads. This week, I ran into trouble with the blockheads, too. Blockhead hats I-III.

It's fun to knit in the round, and stockinette can be fairly mindless, so I had a chance to get 3 hats finished up while I was reading and studying.

I just cast on stitches, knit straight until it looks big enough, and use a 3-needle bind off for the top seam. When you put these on, they make cute little ears in the corners. Or not so cute little ears, if we're talking about Blockhead III.

This is officially the Ugliest Hat on Earth (TM). Pros: I used up all my leftover KnitPicks Merino Style and Wool of the Andes scraps that have been sitting around in a ziploc bag for 2 years. Cons: These colors don't really go together. I laid them all out and chose what I thought would be an aesthetically pleasing (read: as unoffensive as possible) order, but the finished project just looks sickening.

I'm chalking it up to temporary insanity induced by too much studying.

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cosymakes said...

i like ugly :)

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