03 January 2008

Still working

A few recent knits:

My grandma gave me a gift certificate to K2Tog on Solano Ave in Berkeley/Albany, and I had a lot of fun choosing my birthday yarn. I made this scarf from 4 skeins of Crystal Palace Taos, 2 in a light lavender-grey mix, and two in a green-pink colorway.

It's all garter stitch, something like 40 stitches on US7s, and I alternated two rows of each color, carrying the yarns up the side of the scarf (it made a really pretty edge, too!). Sorry about the dark picture - it is right in the middle of dark, cold winter here in Chicago.

I'm sort of working on Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts in two shades of KnitPicks Palette (Golden Heather and Clematis Heather).

This picture was taken in early December, before I went home for break and proceeded to not work on them at all for the whole month. I'm stalled, but planning to get back to it when I need knitting breaks after classes start on Monday.

(And yes, Dan, this update is for you, since I thought you might like to have something to look at now that you know about my top secret blog. You're welcome.)

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dan said...

Thanks, I appreciate it.

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