18 September 2007

Last gasp of summer

Knitting pictures tomorrow! For now, enjoy a few final snippets from summer travel and party adventures. School starts on Monday (I am REALLY excited, but looking through summer photos sure makes me wish it could last just a little bit longer).

Back to knitting so I will have an almost-finished sock to show you tomorrow!

1 comment:

jen said...

oh man it only took me like a week and a half for it to hit me WHICH allison you were when you said hi at renegade!
you must forgive us we'd come back the night before at 9:30pm only to be up fetching the tent and other stuff til 2am and up that morning at 8am to sell. so we were DEAD tired and i know iw as pretty much just trying to not fall over.
i am happy you said hello this time, even tho i didn't "connect" with which blog you were. man sorry about that. it did take like a week or so for me to return to normal though and not be so tired.

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