11 May 2007

Sock Days

I actually am paying attention to Project Spectrum's current colors, even though my knitting time has been sort of limited lately. Right now we have pink, yellow, and green, and I've been partial to the pink...

This first pair is using yarn I bought in Massachusetts over spring break, and I love that the stripes are so chunky (I am also secretly very happy that I decided not to make them match up exactly. I am not a very matchy sort of person).
It's Austermann Step in Color 08. This was my first time using this particular yarn, and while I found it quite nice to knit with, my usual choice of US3 needles was not quite right; the socks stretched out way too much during their first wearing, so I think I can only wear them around the house instead of in shoes, which makes me a little sad.
What's not sad? Pink and white socks! This is KnitPicks Palette wool, and while this is a picture of sock #1, sock #2 is now on the needles at about this same point in the knitting, so I should be able to finish the pair this weekend.
Thought I'd leave you with a more naturalistic shot... my knitting is usually just piled up all over itself, not arranged so neatly as in the other pictures!

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