10 April 2007

Library Gnomes (and why I am one)

You know you've been reading too many pdf articles when you sit with an actual book on your lap, yet reach up to your keyboard and hit the "page down" key when you reach the end of a page of reading.
Ridiculous. I'm spending a minimum of four hours in the library every weekday, doing readings for what I call my hyper-seminar (meets twice a week for five weeks instead of once a week for the whole ten week quarter).
Clearly I am swamped with schoolwork, but there is lots of knitting going on in the background (every break I get, pretty much), so I'll show you some socks soon.
Happy Knitting!


May said...

haha oh no! I do silly things like that all the time! Good luck!

Knitting Bandit said...


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