27 April 2007


The crazy accelerated seminar is finally over, which means my life is about to slow down significantly. Thank goodness :) I think I can handle spending the rest of my quarter writing papers all the time, but the hectic pace of the reading for that class was giving me a perpetual headache and some serious eye strain!

Due to the crazy reading, my knitting in the last week has been pretty unexciting (excuse the not-so-hot photo). I am just using some Lion Brand Color Waves yarn in variegated purple to make a soft scarf; it's one of those projects I was able to work on while reading.

I'm excited to get some other projects finished this weekend, hopefully I'll finish up a pair of socks and stick some sleeves on that sweater - I'll have pictures soon!

1 comment:

AmyArtisan said...

What pretty colors in the scarf - how nice that things are slowing down a bit as spring may "finally" be sticking around here in Chicago. :)

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