23 January 2007


Two things really occupy my mind on Tuesdays now. This is the day when my mom goes in for chemo treatments, so I spend most of the day preoccupied thinking about her. The rest of my brain is filled up with making plans for Wednesday, my "free afternoon" during each week when I get to relax after class instead of going to work. This week my Wednesday is all filled up already (with both productive and unproductive activities, of course ;)), so I'm feeling like I'm heading into a whole day when I'm going to be stuck worrying and anxious.
I'm trying to think of a Tuesday blogging activity that will help me concentrate on the good, something I can look forward to on Tuesdays of each week. I don't know if this will involve posting photos or talking about a new project or writing about books or something else, but I'd like it to be something positive that gets me outside my own head and thinking about the rest of the world, to keep everything in perspective.
I'd love to hear your suggestions, and hopefully I'll be able to get started next week. For now, I'll be spending the evening knitting and hanging out with friends. Hope you have a happy knitting Tuesday!


knitting bandit said...

I'll keep my eyes open for you. There is of course Yarn Porn Friday. I thought I saw a Thursday or Wednesday thing. I think the Lime and Violet podcast goes up on Tuesdays--that's a fun thing to look forward to. You could have Twos-Day be a Knit and podcast Day. Two Knitting things at once!

marti said...

i am sorry to hear that your mom is doing the chemo thing. i will be keeping her in my prayers.

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